Native American

Ellingsen and Associates, Inc. provides on-site speech and language therapy services to Native American children on a consultant or contract basis. Our speech and language services are individualized and include the following:

  • Evaluations
  • IEP Development
  • IEP Meetings
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Progress Reports
  • Consultation with Teachers
  • Consultation with Parents
  • Staff training

Ellingsen and Associates, Inc. has received wide recognition for our training of paraprofessionals working with speech and language impaired children in Head Start, BIA, Grant and public schools around the United States.

Our training is specific to Native American children and schools and is conducted on-site and at specific locations throughout the school year. Training is scheduled for 1-5 days and is specific to the needs of each school or agency.

See what our workshop participants have to say:

"I will be able to use everything that you covered. I will be able to understand my speech students better and I will know what to look for." - Ethyl Grant, Browning, Montana

For more information or to schedule services please or call 1-800-370-4910


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