Speech Therapy  Telepractice for Schools and Individual Student

School Speech Therapy and the Ellingsen Speech Therapy Telepractice

School success is dependent on good expression and comprehension of language. Everything a student does in school is based on language, including reading, writing, learning subject matter and getting along with the other students. Very often a student’s poor school performance results from an underlying speech and language disability. Improving the student’s speech and language skills improves school performance.

Any school or family can now afford “on site” services for students without incurring the expense and inconvenience of transporting the student or bringing a consultant Speech-Language Pathologist to the school or home. This can be particularly cost effective when a school has a small number of students requiring speech and language therapy. In addition to providing direct services to students, we are also available to attend IEP and other meetings at the school, either via real time video and audio or telephonically.

Virtual Schools, Home Schools and International Schools are particularly well suited to our online speech and language services. We provide speech and language therapy with live, experienced and certified Speech-Language Pathologists working in real time with video and audio over the internet. We are able to provide our services from anywhere in the world where high speed internet access is available.

See what our clients have to say:

"I’ve had speech therapy with {Ellingsen and Associates, Inc.} since I was in kindergarten. They teach things in a fun and easy way. They let you talk in a normal way. When I first started I couldn’t say a lot of words right and I couldn’t hear the sounds I needed to learn to read. Now I can say most words in the correct way and I love to read chapter books!” - R.C. age 8

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